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Buy online for the lowest prices from brands like BodySculpture, Powertech, BodyTrain, Cintura, IronMan, WeightMaster, Tahiti, Oxford, AirKing, TrackSpeed, York and Vibratronic. Buy Elliptical-Trainers like the Body Sculpture BE-7300G which has an on-board computer calculating your every stroke and statistic, with a touch screen too so its easy top operate while you exercise.

Its easy to buy home gym equipment like the IronMan multigym which comes with an incredible 150 pound weight stack, you can do 20 different workouts on this once piece of home gym equipment too and you don't need to get the spanners out every time you want to choose a different exercise, all 20 machines work without adjustments, just get on and exercise. You get free delivery too so you get a quality home gym at a bargain price.

Or for more experienced users there's the IronMan Advanced Multigym which includes a padded arm rest for bicep curls, or how about the IronMan 3 station multigym which is a commercial multigym that's built to last with 3 separate stations around the multigym so you can do over 30 different exercises on the one piece of equipment, and with two seats, two people can use this homegym at the same time.

The IronMan advanced 3 station multigym is again a homegym that's built to commercial standards and includes a dedicated leg press and an advanced pulley system so there's no need to adjust cables or make any adjustments, just exercise straight away, many other home gyms will require you to make time consuming adjustments to move between exercises but not so the IronMan advanced 3 station home multigym.

Why not buy the WeightMaster bench gym which uses standard one inch diameter weights, so if you already have your own weights you can use them on this bench gym saving you money, the seat and bench are fully adjustable to 7 different positions so big or small, light or heavy there's a comfortable seating position for you on the WeightMaster bench gym, you can do bicep curls on the removable arm rest which has 4 different height positions so you no longer have to struggle with equipment that's too big or too small for you.

Buy the BodyTrain XE-08 bench gym, again the bench works with standard one inch diameter weights so you can make a saving on the BodyTrain XE-08 bench gym as you won't need to buy extra weights if you already have standard weights, the bench press is fully adjustable, don't settle for non adjustable bench presses that mean you can't exercise in the optimum position for your training and remember if your not adjusted properly and working the muscle then your straining the muscle.

The BodyTrain XE-08 bench gym also has a dedicated chest press which also doubles as a butterfly press and a straight press, so when you buy the BodyTrain XE-08 bench gym, you only need the one piece of equipment, and whose hose is big enough to house all these separate pieces of equipment, which if bought separately would cost a great deal of money but combined into the one bench gym its very affordable and takes up no room in your home.

If you are just starting out and looking to buy a bench gym and some free weights then why not save money and buy them both in a special deal like the WeightMaster bench gym with 100kg Free Weights which includes a leg curl and leg extension station as well as a lateral pull down bar and also comes with free delivery so you don't have to worry about the postage on 100kg of free weights.

You can also buy the BodyTrain XE-08 bench gym with 100kg Free Weights and that's a good deal for someone who is looking to buy free weights, there's even a dedicated rowing machine so you don't need to buy a separate rower.

There's lots of cheap treadmills to choose from and probably the best is the BodyTrain T1000 Treadmill, which although cheap in price is not lacking in features with a powerful 2.5HP electric motor which will power the large treadmill deck round no matter what your weight, there's a built in body fat calculator so as you train you can see how well you are doing and watch to see as your percentage bodyfat lowers as you exercise over the coming weeks, how's that for a great incentive to get fit and lose weight.

For a large treadmill buy the TrackSpeed3000 treadmill which has a very large running track and is ideal if you find yourself falling off the smaller running machines, there's a quick key control system too so if you want to use this feature (you don't have too), hold the key whilst your running and if you fall the treadmill will automatically stop by itself saving you from injury and embarrassment.

Do you like running uphill then you're going to want to buy the BodyTrain Endurance Treadmill which has a 15% incline feature for running up truly steep hills, its fully adjustable of course so you can set an incline to suit your training requirements, this treadmill has a hydraulic folding system for easy storage so you can fold the running deck upwards and then wheel the treadmill round your house for easy storage, store the treadmill in the shed or garage where it won't take up much room or push the running deck upwards and store the treadmill against a wall to take up less room.

Buy the TrackSpeed3200i treadmill and you get a large running track, this powerful motor is capable of running with you at 16kph running speed, and that's fast, with a motorised incline up to 16% you don't have to adjust anything to get the treadmill to simulate running up hills, just press a button and the motors will incline the running track to suit any hill you fancy running up.

For a good introduction to treadmills and no nonsense operation for the beginner buy the York Heritage T101 treadmill, it's got 9 workout programs that will let you run alternating routes so you don't get bored, with the York Heritage T101 treadmill every run can be different, this will help keep your interest so you don't get bored and stop running.

Do you like listening to music or the radio as you run but don't like wearing headphones whilst you run because you find they fall off or get tangled up then buy the Cintura Sports Olympic Deluxe Treadmill which has a built in CD/MP3 input so the sound from your music player will come out of the treadmills very own speakers, giving you clear music and audio that you can run too. you get personalised training programmes too where you can select options that best suit you, like effort required, time you want to run, how far you want to run and then every time you use the treadmill your be running your own special route.

If you want to buy a commercial treadmill that will last you for many years then get the TrackSpeed4500 treadmill which also has built in speakers for CD/MP3 input from your MP3 player and also has a folding system so you can store your treadmill in the corner of a room and with the running deck lifted up into a vertical position the treadmill takes up very little room in your house.

For another semi-commercial treadmill that's designed to last a lifetime buy the TrackSpeed5000 treadmill which is designed for the heavier person to use as it has a maximum motor power of 5hp to power the treadmill belt round no matter what your weight and with a 22kmph top speed it's no slouch either and a truly fast treadmill at a great price. Give that fat a good spanking.
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