4 Man Family Tent and Camping Set.

4 Man Family Tent and Camping Set which Includes Double and Single Air Beds, Sleeping Bags and Everything You Need.

Looking for everything you need to go camping in one place then take a look at the 4 Man Family Tent and Camping Set which not only includes an easy to erect four man tent that has plenty of room not only for sleeping but for cooking, eating and relaxing in too but also includes two double air beds and two single air beds so your comfortable and don't have to sleep on the floor which is especially important if your camping for a few days so you don't get sore and cold and four sleeping bags are also included.
4 Man Family Tent and Camping Set, Includes Double, Single Air Beds, Sleeping Bags.

Includes Double, Single Air Beds, Sleeping Bags, Everything You Need.

There's two separate rooms which can be removed creating a bigger space if you want to and there's a porch area too which gives extra room for storage or relaxing and everything stores away in a carry bag so its easy to travel with in fact the whole tent only weighs 5.5 stone (including poles) and will take one person forty minutes to assemble.

The shortage porch area is ideal for storage and drying off any wet clothes or dining.

The tent poles are made from pre-tensioned fibreglass which is both strong and lightweight and the flysheet is made from fire retardant materials so it won't burn which is an important consideration if you smoke in the tent or cook in the tent or indeed have a campfire close by.

The tent seams are vulcanised this is a heat process that bonds the seams together so they won't split with old age or be susceptible to UV degradation by the sun and prevent water penetration.

There's a groundsheet with a built in insect net so you can keep all those bugs out of your tent and not get stung or bitten and even the vents are insect proof so no insects can get in the ventilation ad inside the tent, the vents keep the air in the tent circulating removing bad smells and keeping the air fresh so for example one persons cold does not become everyone's cold.

The tent is military green and dark grey in colour and tales only 20 minutes to assemble and comes with free delivery and a year's warranty.
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