14ft Trampolines.

14ft Trampolines for sale including the AirKing Classic 14ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure a perfect garden trampoline and now for sale at a much reduced sale price and with free delivery.

These 14ft trampolines are very high quality and made to a very high standard with 88 springs providing great bounce for the children, the soft touch trampo9line mat adds to the bounce of the springs giving you the best bounce on any of the 14ft trampolines.

AirKing Classic 14ft Trampolines, With Safety Enclosure

Garden Trampoline.

The trampoline frame is made from strong steel tubing with high security v-ring fittings for additional safety, the trampoline mat lets water pass through as it's made from a polypropylene weave which has great elastic properties but let's rain water pass straight through so you won't get a wet and soggy trampoline like you do with some other brands.

Ten rows of stitching hold the springs onto the trampoline mat so it's not going to rip or tear ever with such additional safety stitching.

There's a door opening in the safety enclosure so these 14ft trampolines are easy to get in and out of, just undo the toggle door when you want to let all the children out and fasten the toggle when you want all the children to stay inside bouncing and having fun.

Leave the trampoline out in the garden all year round as it carries a 5 year warranty against rust and failure.

For vastly increased stability even on wet grass or soil there's 8 legs that grip the ground so these 14ft trampolines won't more or slide, the trampoline mat is resistant to water and sunlight so it won't fade or get brittle even if you leave the trampoline outside all the time.

Delivered free of charge in one box, just unpack the trampoline and follow the clear English instructions to attach the springs and build the legs.
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