AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Childs Garden Trampoline that's Strong and Safe.

Want to buy a child's trampoline for the garden then the first priority must be safety and that's why the AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline comes with a safety enclosure which is a large flexible and soft netting fence that secures to the outside of the trampoline and acts as a soft wall pushing children back if the fall against the safety enclosure and preventing children from falling out of the trampoline.
AirKing Classic 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Childs Garden Trampoline.

Childs Garden Trampoline, Strong and Safe.

The frame and legs are made from strong steel tube that has been galvanised inside and out so not only does the frame look nice and shiny it's also resistant to rusting and comes with a five year warranty against rusting so you can leave this garden trampoline outside all year round every year and be assured that the trampoline will maintain its good looks and strength.

The trampoline jump mat is made from a synthetic rubber called polypropylene this is an extremely bouncy rubber synthetic that's also incredibly strong and water proof and UV light proof too so it won't crack or discolour due to sunlight.

The 60 strong high bounce springs are attached to the trampoline jump mat by way of hoops that have to be stitched into the trampoline jump mat, AirKing use ten rows of stitching to secure the spring rings to the jump mat where other companies use less than five rows of stitching so you can see that AirKing take safety and quality very seriously indeed.

For maximum stability the trampoline has 6 legs and spreads the load out equally to each leg which also prevents the grass from being damages as the legs sit on top of the grass rather than tearing the grass so your always have a good lawn.
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