AirKing Gisborne Swing Set.

AirKing Gisborne Swing Set with Two Seat Swingboat, Two Seat Skyride, Single Seat Swing and 5 Children Capacity for Up To Age 13.

With a maximum capacity of 5 children there's enough room for all your children and friends and with three different types of swing to choose from the children won't get bored there's a swingboat which has two seats that you sit in as the swingboat moves backwards and forwards and is safer for the younger children then there's the two seat skyride which is for older children because as well as sitting on the seats your holding the swing pole and resting your feet on the footrests.
AirKing Gisborne Swing Set, Two Seat Swingboat, Two Seat Skyride, Single Seat Swing.

Two Seat Swingboat, Two Seat Skyride, Single Seat Swing, 5 Children Capacity, Up To Age 13.

There's also a conventional single seat swing which is height adjustable so you can adjust it to a height that the child's feet can always touch the ground when they are sat on the seat, the skyboat it should be mentioned has a backrest so is ideal for younger children whilst the open swing seat on a rope will be for the older children which every child up to and including age 13 can use.

The swing is made from strong metal tubing the strong metal 'A' frame has anchor pegs which fit into he legs of the frame and can then be hammered or pushed into the lawn you can also cement the anchor pegs into your lawn when you have decided to keep the swing in that position permanently.

The swing set is painted brightly for the children with the 'A' frame of the swing being green in colour and the swingboat and skyride having red metal with yellow seating and the conventional swing having a yellow rope and red seat.

The swing is water resistant and all metal parts are painted or made from rustproof galvanised steel.
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