Cheap Trampoline.

Cheap Trampoline with a 5 year warranty and free delivery that's the AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline.

Ideal for the children to use in the garden or inside the house or adults to use to keep fit as trampolining is a very good form of cardio vascular activity that works the whole body and is fun too.

AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline, Cheap Trampoline 5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty.

If your short of space this space saving 5ft trampoline will fit any garden or garden area either on grass or on wooden decking or a concrete area or in the house use this trampoline anywhere with 5ft in diameter of free space.

As well as free delivery you're like the peace of mind of a 5 year warranty so if you get any problems the trampoline will be repaired or replaced and the trampoline is rust proof too, so if your want to leave the trampoline outside all year you can.

The trampoline material is waterproof too so if it rains you and the children can use the trampoline straight away as soon as it stops raining, you won't get pools of water forming on the trampoline surface.

With a maximum user weight of 16 stone several children or an adult can bounce on the trampoline at the same time.

The trampoline is delivered free of charge in a flat pack that's easy to put together following the simple pictures, the flat pack easily fits through a standard door so you don't have to worry about struggling to fit the trampoline in your home or garden.

The trampoline is guaranteed for 5 years so you know its high quality, the spring attachments are secured to the trampoline using 10 rows of stitching so that gives you some idea of the very high quality used in this cheap trampoline.
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