Indoor Trampoline.

If your looking for an Indoor Trampoline maybe because you don't have a garden or you want your children to be safe then buy the AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, it's a full 5ft in size trampoline, so your children won't be complaining its too small, just rest the legs on the floor and put the safety enclosure round the 5ft trampoline, the safety enclosure stops your children bouncing off the trampoline and into the room possibly hurting themselves or damaging something.

With the safety enclosure in place, children use the fabric door to enter and leave the trampoline, adults can use this mini trampoline too as its rated for up to 16 stone weight, there's 48 springs which gives the trampoline its high bounce and six legs which keeps the trampoline securely on the floor or carpet without moving around.

AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline, Indoor Trampoline

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Covering the springs which attach the trampoline surface to the frame is a light green padded foam mat, if your children fall on the edge of the trampoline they won't hurt themselves as the padded foam mat will be there to support them.

The trampoline will last for many years as there's 10 rows of stitching holding the spring anchors to the trampoline surface and the trampoline comes with a 5 year warranty too for added peace of mind, made from steel tubing and strong polypropylene trampoline rubber your get a high bounce just like outdoor trampolines and as this 5ft trampoline is fully protected and warranted against rust there's no reason not to use this trampoline outside in your garden too.

The six strong and stable legs can be used on carpet, wooden floors, sand, concrete, brick and many other surfaces.

It's the best all round 5ft trampoline for indoor or outdoor use giving you the most options, if the summer is bad and always raining take the trampoline indoors if the weather is great and nice and sunny take the trampoline outside, use the trampoline indoors in the winter too, its perfect for parties and will keep your kids entertained as well as physically fit as they exercise on the trampoline.
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