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Buy a 12ft Trampoline like the AirKing Octagonal 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, its a large trampoline that offers superb bounce in a larger size, now for sale at a heavily discounted price and with free delivery.

A large 12ft trampoline that is suitable for both children and adults, the 12ft trampoline is fully weatherproof and can be left out in the garden all year round, made from galvanised steel so it won't rust and the unique no weld steel leg design means the trampoline is very strong and comes with a 5 year warranty against rusting, so your get a repair or replacement if you have any problems.

AirKing Octagonal 12ft Trampoline, Buy 12ft Trampoline

Large Trampoline.

The trampoline mat is a woven polypropylene mat that allows water to pass straight through, so the trampoline won't get waterlogged when it rains and you can use the trampoline again as soon as it has stopped raining, the trampoline is made from weatherproof materials like galvanised steel that won't rust and UV protected materials that won't fade or crack in the sun.

The advantage of a octagonal trampoline is that they don't take up much room and offer a better bounce that a round trampoline, you see round trampolines are a compromise to save space, but the don't offer a very good bounce so if you or your children have ever been on a round garden trampoline and found the bounce to be not as high as you would like then now you know its down to the shape, for the best bounce buy an octagonal 12ft trampoline.

Octagonal trampolines don't suffer from roll together like round trampolines, roll together is where several adults or children are bouncing on the trampoline at the same time and they find themselves being pushed together, thats roll together and can be dangerous if you land on someone else, octagonal trampolines don't suffer from roll together.

A metal ladder is included to help smaller children climb up to the trampoline and 8 legs mean the trampoline will be securely places and won't move no matter what the surface sand, grass (even wet grass), concrete, wood chippings, wooden decking or soil.
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