Trampoline 8ft With Enclosure.

Buy this Trampoline 8ft With Enclosure it's a trampoline that's oval in shape having the smallest width 8ft and the larger length 11ft, being oval you can fit the trampoline into narrow gardens that are longer than they are wide, if you're looking to give your children the largest trampoline that will fit into your garden then this 11ft Trampoline 8ft With Enclosure is ideal.

Some garden trampolines are round in shape, but a round trampoline does not have a good bounce as its shape means that the bounce is reduced and more than one child can't use a round trampoline at the same time that's because the children roll together as the round trampoline bouncing mat can't keep them separate.

AirKing Oval 11 x 8ft, Trampoline 8ft With Enclosure

Space Saving Oval Trampoline.

The professional trampolines are all oval or rectangle in size and the great thing about an oval trampoline is that they more easily fit into smaller narrow gardens, which are actually very common.

If you're looking to buy a top of the range trampoline that has had hundreds of pounds knocked off the price then consider the AirKing Oval 11 x 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure its now selling at a bargain price and comes with free delivery too.

There's over 60 high bounce springs on this trampoline, 8ft x 11ft trampolines with enclosures make for a great bounce as the springs coupled with the oval trampoline mat combine to create a good bounce and all the children can bounce at the same time without fear of roll together or bouncing on top of each other.

All the springs are safety padded with closed cell foam blue padding so if a child bounces on the springs they safety padding will mean they won't get hurt, the springs are attached to the trampoline mat with 10 rows of stitching to prevent the stitching coming undone over the years.
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