Buy 10ft Trampoline.

Buy 10ft Trampoline, the AirKing Pro 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure is a round trampoline that's been heavily discounted in price and comes with free delivery.

Its an outdoor 10ft trampoline for your garden and with 6 legs is sturdy and won't move no matter how high the kids bounce, use your 10ft trampoline on grass, sand, soil, concrete, wood, wood chippings and even wet grass.

AirKing Pro 10ft Trampoline, Buy 10ft Trampoline

Round Trampoline.

There's 80 springs in this 10ft trampoline so you get good bounce for both adults and children and with a safety enclosure that surrounds the trampoline so children can't fall off and hurt themselves the safety enclosure acts like a soft wall preventing children from falling off or getting caught up on the sides, there is a doorway in the safety enclosure that fastens with a button toggle so you can open the safety enclosure for the children to go inside and then close the enclosure so they can bounce safe and secure.

Supplied with a ladder too so smaller children can still use this trampoline and easily climb up inside, children can bounce together as the trampoline is very strong with a frame made from galvanised steel and the trampoline surface resistant to rain and sunshine, in fact there's a 5 year warranty that comes with the trampoline.

The safety enclosure is surrounded by soft foam covered poles so children will be safe and well protected, all springs and trampoline frames are also covered by blue foam pads so if a child falls on the edge they won't hurt themselves as they will protected by the foam.

Adults can use the trampoline with a maximum user weight of 24 stone or 150kg everyone can use the trampoline no matter what their weight.

This is a cheaper price as this 10ft trampoline has been reduced in price and with free delivery included is now a bargain price.
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