Trampolines 4 Sale.

AirKing Rectangular 6 x 9ft Trampolines 4 Sale, this rectangular trampoline is for sale at a bargain price of half price and you get free delivery too.

If you're looking for a professional trampoline that offers excellent bounce then you need to buy a rectangular trampoline as with a round trampoline or oval trampoline there is a problem of roll together, this means that if two or more children are bouncing on a round trampoline they will roll together and obviously that might be dangerous.

AirKing Rectangular 6 x 9ft Trampolines 4 Sale

Rectangular Trampoline.

Only rectangular trampolines don't roll together keeping your children safer, and only rectangular trampolines offer the highest bounce of all trampolines available, completely safe for children as the safety enclosure surrounds the trampoline and acts like a soft fence pushing children back into the centre.

There's 48 high bounce springs which coupled with the elastic properties of the trampoline mat bounce you upwards with a very high bounce.

Rain won't cause any problems with this trampoline as the trampoline mat is made from a polypropylene weave material that allows the rain to pass through so you won't have a wet or waterlogged trampoline even you have a heavy downpour.

Made from galvanised steel this trampoline 4 sale won't rust or break, there's a 5 year guarantee on these trampolines so if you experience any problems the trampoline will be repaired or replaced.

All exposed metal has a high visibility yellow foam which keeps your children sage and the springs are underneath a blue foam padding.

Buy these trampolines 4 sale and your have just one delivery, delivering a box that contains all the trampoline which you can assemble in approximately one hour, perfect for garden assembly.

There's 8 curved base legs that won't rust and will allow you to place the trampoline out in the garden on wet grass, sand, soil or cement.
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