Aspen Garden Swing.

Aspen Garden Swing the Wooden Swing with Adjustable Swing Height and Wooden Legs.

This is a wooden swing that uses the popular and very stable wooden 'A' frame, the swing includes an adjustable height seat where the adjustment is made on the rope without cutting the rope so as your child grows you can higher the seat (a child's legs should be able to touch the ground when they are on a swing so that they can stop themselves with their feet).
Aspen Garden Swing, Wooden Swing.

Wooden Swing, Adjustable Swing Height, Wooden Legs.

The wood used on this single seat swing is pressure treated American pine wood which is very string and very long lasting, the joints of the swing are all made from strong steel joint plates and the metal is painted green to match its garden surroundings.

Included with the swing are a set of galvanised steel anchor pegs that can be used to anchor the swing to the ground and if you wish you can cement the anchor pegs into the ground for a permanent swing, pushing the anchor pegs into your lawn with your hands or a hammer is fine.

The Aspen swing is a beautiful wooden garden swing that is made to European safety standard EN71 so you can be assured that the wooden swing is safe to use, always check for EN71 safety markings when you buy a swing to make sure it can legally be sold in the UK and has passed safety checks.

The swing has a height of 1.9 meters that's 6.2 foot tall so is big enough for children up to and including age 16 and the swing has a wooden seat and real rope which reminds us all of classic garden swings and how they used to be there's no blow moulded plastics here!

The swing comes with a one year guarantee and free delivery so you don't have to pay for the heavy American pine wood to be sent to you.
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