Big Air Extreme 8ft Trampoline.

Big Air Extreme 8ft Trampoline the Trampoline With No Sides, Easy Climb On and Off.

This 8ft trampoline has no sides or walls so it's ideal for limited space and easy to move around the garden with no sides it's easy to get on or off and there's a trampoline ladder too for the smaller children as well as an all weather cover that will keep the trampoline colours bright and new looking even after many years of being in the garden.
Big Air Extreme 8ft Trampoline, Trampoline With No Sides.

Trampoline With No Sides, Easy Climb On and Off.

With no sides the trampoline is very quick to assemble, attach the springs to the trampoline mat and frame, bolt on the legs and your done, full easy to follow instructions are included as are all the tools and you don't need to be good at DIY as there's really not much assembly to do.

The trampoline mat is made from a synthetic rubber called Permatron which does not rot or get mildew like some other makes of trampoline and the trampoline mat won't crack in bright sunshine like other brands have been known to do the frame is rust proof and comes with a five year guarantee against rusting.

The trampoline frame has large legs that spread the weight of the trampoline across the lawn so your lawn won't get damaged by the trampoline legs and you can use the trampoline on a waterlogged lawn too as with the weight spread the trampoline legs won't sink in.

The trampoline cover is easy to put on and keeps the colours from fading over the years and keeps the trampoline dry so as soon as it's stopped raining you can remove the covers and the children can play just like Wimbledon!

The trampoline comes with free delivery by courier and is delivered flat packed for assembly at home, the box is not big as the trampoline mat is rolled up.
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