Big Air Extreme 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Extreme 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Trampoline Ladder and All Weather Cover.

This garden trampoline measures 8 foot in diameter and is perfect for any back garden the trampoline has a trampoline ladder so even small children can climb on by themselves and off the trampoline after they have finished bouncing.
Big Air Extreme 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Trampoline Ladder.

Trampoline Ladder, All Weather Cover.

There's an all weather cover so you can keep the trampoline in the garden all year round without the colour fading the trampoline has a 5 year warranty on the metal frame and a 1 year warranty on the materials and delivery is free.

There's a maximum weight on this trampoline of 24 stone so adults have no excuse and can bounce on the trampoline with the kids, not only is trampolining lots of fun but its good for you too as trampolining is one of the best ways to keep fit and lose weight as its a good cardiovascular activity where your using your arms and legs to bounce and because your landing on a soft trampoline mat its not as hard on your body as some other exercises.

The trampoline features a safety enclosure that surrounds the trampoline this fences the trampoline off ensuring that when you're on the trampoline you can't fall off as your physically prevented from falling by the safety enclosure which is made of netting and whilst tough enough to stop you falling gentle enough that you won't get hurt when you fall against it.

There's safety padding over the trampoline springs so your protected when you fall and there's safety foam on the enclosure as well, the trampoline mat is made from a synthetic rubber and is resistant to water damage fro the rain as well as UV damage from the sun.

The trampoline is supplied flat packed and easy to assemble with full instructions and tools supplied.
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