Big Air Junior 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Junior 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure it's Made For Children with Safety Equipment Included.

This trampoline is made for children and has a maximum weight rating of 19 stone, being made for children the springs are designed to offer the best bounce for a child's weight where the lighter you are the better your bounce on this trampoline rather than trampolines with higher weight ratings only offering a good bounce for heavier children if your child is small and lightweight then this trampoline will have them bouncing high.
Big Air Junior 8ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Made For Children.

Made For Children, Safety Equipment Included.

The trampoline springs are tuned for the lighter weight user of course if you weigh 19 stone or under you can bounce on the trampoline too but you won't get the same high bounce as the lighter children because the springs respond best to a lighter weight.

The trampoline includes all the safety equipment your need there's a safety enclosure this is a fence that surrounds the trampoline and stops anyone child or adult from falling out of the trampoline and hurting themselves there's also foam padding on the poles of the safety enclosure to prevent any injuries should a child fall against the safety enclosure frame and there's safety padding over the springs of the trampoline so that when you get in or out of the trampoline your not hurting yourself on the springs.

The trampoline frame and springs have been galvanised to prevent rust and indeed the trampoline comes with a generous 5 year warranty against rusting, the large legs of the trampoline spread the weight of the trampoline so its ideal for areas of grass with lots of moss or wet lawns as the legs won't concentrate the weight of the trampoline in one spot.

The trampoline is easy to assemble as all the tools you need are included and there's also a trampoline ladder to make it easy for everyone to climb in or climb out of the trampoline and an all weather cover that will keep the trampoline dry over the winter.
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