Best Rowing Machines.

Buy one of the Best Rowing Machines when you buy the Black Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine, its a folding machine for easy storage where the aluminium beam actually folds upwards so you can store the rowing machine upright taking up far less room and easy to store in a wardrobe or cupboard or under the stairs.

The Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine is one of the best rowing machines and not just because of its beautiful looks, made from aluminium with silver coloured metal and black highlights on the casing this rowing machine would look good in any home.

Black Oxford 8000 Rowing Machine, Best Rowing Machines

With Magnetic Resistance.

Its one of the best rowing machines no doubt due in part to its cheap price, good looks and free delivery not to mention how home friendly it is with its folding system for easy storage.

The Oxford rowing machine uses magnetic resistance to provide the effort level you need, magnetic resistance is totally silent so you won't have any noisy fans or vibrations and noise, a magnetic resistance system is lightweight too making this rowing machine easy to store whilst still providing great stability.

The workout computer is located right at eye level making the display very easy to see whilst your rowing, you can see the calories you have burned whilst you have been rowing which is great if you're trying to lose weight, you can also see the number of strokes you have rowed which some people like to match or better their previous stroke record and your see the time you have spent rowing, ideal if you want a countdown to 15 minutes of exercise.

The rowing machine is comfortable, padded and non slip so if you're worried about getting a sore bottom sitting on a solid unpadded rower then don't worry as the Oxford rower is one of the most comfortable and ergonomically designed rowers available.
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