Rowing Machines Review.

Read the Rowing Machines Review on the Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine With Pulse Sensors and learn about the special discount price and free delivery.

The first point to note in this rowing machines review is that the Body Sculpture BR3150HKO-H Rowing Machine is bright orange in colour, its made by Body Sculpture, but with those colours you would expect it to be made by Flymo or Easyjet, neither the less its a very attractive rowing machine with white detailing and pulse sensors to measure your heart rate as your rowing.

Body Sculpture BSB 1400 Pilates Trainer, Equipment For Pilates

With Pulse Sensors.

Its actually very unusual to read a rowing machines review where the rowing machine has pulse sensors, its very normal to see pulse sensors on a cross trainer but till now rowing machines have excluded heart rate monitors, you hold the rowing handle and row whilst your holding the handle your hands are covering the pulse sensors, here your pulse is automatically read and displayed on the machine as pulse and heart rate so you can see exactly how hard your working as you row, the digital display showing your heart rate is directly in front of you and easy to see whilst rowing.

This rowing machine folds flat for easy storage, hang the rowing machine up in the shed or garage or store the rowing machine flat under your bed the unique hinged rear leg folds flat making this a very easy rowing machine to store that won't take up much room.

The training computer displays your time spent rowing, number of rows and calories burnt, its great to see the energy you have used and the actual calories your burning so you know how fit and how much weight your losing.

The resistance level is adjusted by turning the resistance knob, no manual resistance here, fully automatic, just turn the knob on the numbered scale from level 1 easy to level 5 hard, the resistance level adjustment is located just below the training computer.
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