Powerful Elliptical Trainer.

With the low priced BodyTrain EX90 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer you get a full featured and powerful elliptical cross trainer that can calculate your body fat automatically as you exercise using the built-in Body Mass Indicator (BMI).

The BodyTrain EX90 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer is a strong elliptical cross trainer made from steel, don't buy a cross trainer that's plastic construction, they won't last as they wear out and break quickly.

BodyTrain EX90 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, Powerful Elliptical Trainer

Full Featured, Low Price.

You get a very smooth workout as the elliptical cross trainer glides using the magnetic resistance system, no jerky hard to start movements on this quality cross trainer and the magnetic resistance system is completely silent so you won't be bothering other members of the household or neighbours which with other cross trainers can be a real problem.

The BodyTrain EX90 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer has a colour computer and can display all your exercise statistics like time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories, on the handlebars your find pulse sensors which when you hold the handlebars will measure your heart rate and display your heart rate on the cross trainers colour display.

The BodyTrain EX90 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer has both stationary and moving handlebars, some people like to use the stationary handlebars especially if they have poor balance or are uncertain of exercise and the more experienced cross trainer users prefer the moving handlebars as these move your arms and thus increase your levels of cardio vascular exercise.

There's eight effort levels, select the effort level that best suits your fitness level, use the large in fact oversize non slip footplates to hold your feet, you won't slip as the footplates have a non slip surface and they are large enough to hold the biggest of feet.

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