BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill.

Buy the BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill the Folding Walkers Treadmill that's Designed for Home Exercise Walking.

No need to run to get fit, walking is all you need to do, it's a lot easier to walk than it is to run especially if your over weight, getting on in years or recovering from accident or injury, with the BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill you can walk on a treadmill in the comfort of your own home without getting wet in the rain outside, cold on windy days and no one will laugh or shout as your exercising in the comfort of your own home.
BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill, Folding Walkers Treadmill.

Folding Walkers Treadmill.

With a powerful 200 watt electric motor that can power the treadmill running deck round whilst you walk, don't worry the speed of the running deck is controlled by you from hardly moving at all to a very brisk walk.

With a running track length of 1.1 meters there's plenty of room to stretch out and walk at your own pace without worrying about lack of room and falling off the treadmill and if you do feel a little insecure or things seem to be running a way with you just push the large red stop button on the top of the digital display and the walking treadmill will come to a complete stop.

The speed of the walking treadmill is controlled by a resistance control knob, no tools are required to change the speed this large knob can be easily turned by all hands both young and old, no strength is required to turn the resistance knob to increaser or reduce the speed of the treadmill.

The BodyTrain Elite Walking Treadmill is a folding treadmill which easily folds up when you're not walking, no tools are required to fold or unfold the treadmill as the treadmill locks and unlocks to fold up, once folded the treadmill can be easily moved or stored in any room of the house ready for your next exercise session.
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