BodyTrain GBD03503 Wooden Pilates Reformer.

Buy the BodyTrain GBD03503 Wooden Pilates Reformer the High Quality Pilates Reformer, Fully Adjustable Bedstead Design.

Want to practice Pilates safely in your own home, want to make sure you are doing the correct movements so you don't injure yourself or develop aches and sprains then buy the BodyTrain GBD03503 Wooden Pilates Reformer, these Pilates reformers are very hard to find in the UK, now BodyTrain have produced this beautiful hard wood bedstead design you can have a Pilates reformer in your own home.
BodyTrain GBD03503 Wooden Pilates Reformer, High Quality Pilates Reformer.

High Quality Pilates Reformer.

Fully adjustable and with a range of functions this Pilates reformer looks as good as it performs, the beautiful light wood coloured hardwoods and the dark black gunmetal coloured carriage tracks ensure this Pilates reformer will impress all who see it.

With 4 independent wheels turning under the carriage to move the Pilates seat silently and without friction or sticking, you get an adjustable jump board too mounted at one end of the Pilates table, the carriage pad or Pilates seat is covered with PU leather which wipes clean and looks fantastic under the PU leather is a high density memory foam seat which shapes to your bodies contours for the most comfortable and ergonomically aligned Pilates position.

If your enthusiastic about your Pilates or your looking for the ultimate present for a Pilates enthusiast then you can't go wrong with the BodyTrain GBD03503 Wooden Pilates Reformer, these are the very same Pilates reformers that your find in gyms and spa's around the country and now you can buy the BodyTrain GBD03503 Wooden Pilates Reformer for your own home.

Delivered for free with free next day delivery you won't have to worry about the cost of shipping in the UK, and with a full 12 month warranty you have total peace of mind as any problems and your get a free repair or free replacement.
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