BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike.

BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike with Automatic Tension Control Adjustment so Pedals Heavier Or Lighter.

The BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike is a very modern exercise bike where everything is automatic you can make your cycling exercise easier or harder by adjusting how hard it is to turn the pedals (called the tension) automatically from a tension increase and tension decrease button on the handlebars, long gone are the days when you would have to get off your home exercise bike and adjust springs or belt tensioners on the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike everything is automatic.
BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike, Automatic Tension Control Adjustment.

Automatic Tension Control Adjustment, Pedals Heavier Or Lighter.

You get much more of a realistic ride when you can simply adjust how hard or easy it is to pedal from a button on the handlebars as you don't break your cycling routine as there's no need to get off the exercise bike to adjust anything.

With 16 professionally designed exercise programs all of which can automatically vary the tension of the pedals so the exercise programs can create cycling courses as if you where cycling round various tracks maybe in woodland or on a flat road or going up and down hills by use of the digital display to show you the course you have selected and by varying the tension to the pedals the exercise bike can actually simulate various cycling tracks and various exercise goals.

You can choose an exercise program to help you lose weight or cycle fast or tone and shape your legs and thighs and with pulse sensors in the handlebars measuring your heart beat your know exactly how hard your working.

Everything on the BodyTrain Pure Exercise Bike is adjustable the seat adjusts up and down and the pedals have safety fasteners to hold your feet on the pedals as you cycle.
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