Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate.

Vibration Plate Reviews for the Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate a Whole Body Vibration Plate.

Vibration PLate Reviews and pictures for this Bodytrain Vibration Plate which is available for much less than 200 pounds and comes with free delivery too.

Bodytrain 1500w Silver Vibration Plate - Vibration Plate Reviews

Vibration Plate Reviews.

This vibration plate is very strong and built to a very high quality, its ideal for all the family and has a maximum user bodyweight of 16 stone, at 1500 watts it's the most powerful vibration plate you can buy and it's a whole body vibration plate with a sturdy frame you can hold and exercise from, some vibration plates are only good for standing but this vibration plate is for exercising the whole body and the powerful vibrations produced by the 1500 watt motor will have you toning and losing weight faster than exercise alone, in fact studies have shown that using a vibration plate is one third better than conventional exercise alone, so you're getting a massive benefit.

The on-board computer has a wide range of automatic and manual programmes, the manual programmes are especially useful for people who just like to push a button and start exercising without the courses offered by the vibration plate.

You can choose from 50 different speeds so if you like fast vibrations, slow vibrations or something in between you have a full range of speeds to choose from, the easy to read vibration plate is great if you have poor eyesight or like to exercise without glasses and shows your exercise time, speed and Body Mass Index fat scan.

With a vibration plate your exercises are just more effective, studies have shown that you can be up to one third more effective if you use a vibration plate than exercising alone and that's why these vibration plate reviews aim to show you how vibration plates have become so popular in the UK.
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