Bodytrain 950w Silver Vibration Plate.

Buy the Bodytrain 950w Silver Vibration Plate, Powerful Vibration Plate, free delivery with this Vibro Plate.

For well under two hundred pounds you're getting a full size vibro plate with handles and a powerful 950 watt motor as well as free delivery.

Bodytrain 950w Silver Vibration Plate, Vibro Plate

Vibro Plate.

This Vibro Plate is a solid machine with many speed and vibration options, the large plate means there's plenty of room to stand or exercise and the vibrations from this Vibro Plate are full body vibrations not just some of the little tingling effects you get from smaller much less powerful Vibro Plates.

The Vibro Plate is computer controlled for a full range of vibration exercises, there's also manual settings if you just like to switch on and start exercising with the minimum of button presses.

There's a built-in timer too so if your performing a set of exercises for a specific time now it's easy to time yourself or your whole exercise routine, on the digital display you can easily see your time, speed and body fat percentage, which obviously your start to see go down as you exercise.

There's lots of automatic programmes to chose from like automatic massage, manual massage and body fat calculator.

Suitable for all the family with a maximum Vibro Plate user weight of 16 stone.

Vibro Plates are the fastest growth area in exercise equipment in the UK today, there's lots of scientific, medical and fitness research that shows how effective Vibro Plates are, much more effective then exercise alone.

With a Vibro Plate you can improve muscle performance, lower body strength, improved balance and you can increase muscle capability by up to 50% using a vibration plate than just exercise alone.

Using a Vibro Plate helps to maintain bone density something which we all suffer from as we age (which is why in old age bones break and fracture more easily).

You can do all sorts of exercises on a Vibro Plate like squats, calf raises, lunges, push ups and dips.
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