Buy the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike.

Buy the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike the Indoor Racing Bike, Static Spinning Cycle.

The most beautiful static racing bike the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike is designed for indoor use and features a high contrast colour scheme of orange with white stripes that sets the whole racing bike off beautifully, not only does the bike look great but it has some great features designed for indoor cycling, features like a large 13kg flywheel which is driven by a chain drive from the pedals, exactly the same as a conventional racing bike, so the indoor racing bike feels smooth and vibration free and is the closes thing to road racing that your find indoors.
Buy the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike, Indoor Racing Bike.

Indoor Racing Bike.

The large, contoured and padded saddle is comfortable even on extended exercise and the stainless steel saddle and handlebar posts are beautiful to look at as well as rust and tarnish free forever, use the posts to adjust the height of the saddle of different sized riders and the horizontal distance from the handlebars, so if your pregnant for example you would want the handlebars further away from the saddle so you had more room.

The simply to work yet feature packed display console is mounted in front of the handlebars, your hands have plenty of room on the handlebars and the angled display means you can get real close if you like a forward leaning racing position, on the display your find a large LCD readout with numbers that are very easy to read at a glance and a display that shows time, speed and distance as well as calories used whilst cycling, great if you want to know how your diet is going.

On the handlebars if you adopt a race position your often find your elbows rubbing on the bars, on the Body Sculpture BC4630 Racing Bike you have elbow pads to cushion and hold your elbows whilst your racing, Body Sculpture have thought of everything with this very impressive bike.
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