Under 100 Pound Exercise Bike.

Buy the best selling Cintura Omega Exercise Bike for under 100 pounds and get free delivery.

As well as being a cheap exercise bike its also feature packed with a magnetic drive system for silent operation that won't make any noises and disturb you whilst your exercising, the magnetic drive system also has a very smooth cycling action with no jerky starts or stopping, a 5kh flywheel provides superb inertia just like cycling outdoors.

Cintura Omega Exercise Bike, Under 100 Pound Exercise Bike

Best Selling Exercise Bike.

The Cintura Omega Exercise Bike is a solid exercise bike made from tubular steel and with a padded saddle that can be adjusted both up and down, forwards and backwards and tilting so no matter how big or small you are your be able to adjust the seat and make yourself comfortable.

There's an easy to read digital display mounted between the handlebars right where you can see it and adjust the display whilst your exercising, to change the level of resistance your cycling against you can simply turn the resistance knob to add or increase the level of resistance, adjust the resistance either higher or lower whilst your cycling, its all within easy reach.

The Cintura Omega Exercise Bike has a maximum user weight of 19 stone or 120 kg so everyone can use this exercise bike from the lightest to the heaviest user, the digital display shows the time you have been cycling, the speed your cycling and the distance you have cycled.

The handles are foam coated so their easy to hold even if you have sweaty hands.

As well as being a very cheap exercise bike its also very easy to store and can be stored under the stairs, behind a door and easily carried into another room as its a lightweight exercise bike weighing just 14kg.
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