Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine.

Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine the Easy Home Rower with Smooth Rowing Action.

The Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine uses magnetic resistance as the force which you have to row against, this force or resistance level is adjustable by using a large hand wheel on the front of the rowing machine that's within easy reach when your sat on the rowing machine.
Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine, Easy Home Rower.

Easy Home Rower, Smooth Rowing Action.

The resistance level is fully electronic and when you turn the hand wheel you can increase or decrease the effort required by you to row, the resistance system used is magnetic resistance which has few moving parts and so lasts for many years and also is totally silent so if you like to row early in the morning or late at night your rowing machine won't be making any squeaks or vibrations and your be able to row without waking anyone else in the house up.

If neighbours are a problem and you want to keep the noise down then the Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine is ideal as its super quiet.

The long aluminium rail provides an easy glide action as the large and comfortable ergonomically designed seat sits on small wheels which are attached to the rail providing a very smooth almost frictionless journey down the rail.

The Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine folds for easy storage in the home, the large rail folds upwards at the point the rail joins the main body of the rowing machine and when folded the rowing machine takes up very little room as the vast majority of the rower is pointed straight upwards and away from the floor space.

You can store the Cintura Sports Force Rowing Machine against a wall out of the way or use the transport wheels that touch the floor when the rower is folded to move the rower around your home to another room out of the way.
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