Cintura Sports Olympic Deluxe Treadmill.

For the best UK Treadmill buy the Cintura Sports Olympic Deluxe Treadmill which has a easy folding system so you can store the treadmill around your home when not in use.

With free delivery and a heavily reduced price this UK Treadmill is proving popular and is a bargain.

Cintura Sports Olympic Deluxe Treadmill, UK Treadmill

UK Treadmill.

This UK treadmill is a semi-commercial treadmill made for your home but with a build quality that's very high, the treadmill features a large running track so you won't fall off or feel hemmed in like on some makes of treadmill.

A powerful motor drives the treadmill round and a maximum user weight of 24 stone is easily accommodated for so large or small body size the Cintura is a quality treadmill that will give years of service and speaking of service this UK treadmill comes with a 12 month warranty so you have total peace of mind that any problem will be put right or the treadmill replaced free of charge.

With free delivery you don't have to worry about the cost of delivery adding to the price you pay.

With a maximum speed of 13 miles per hour there's plenty of power to keep even the heaviest of runners moving and if you like to run or walk uphill then with this UK Treadmill you can choose an incline of up to 16%.

The built in exercise training computer has a massive 36 different exercise programs to keep you fit, lose weight, strengthen, tone, quick run, run uphill, cardiovascular, burn fat and many more even exercise routines that will communicate with the handlebar sensors that measure your pulse and heart rate, automatically adjusting the exercise program to match your changing heart rate.

There's also an input socket for plugging in a MP3 or CD player and hearing the sound out of the speakers built-in to the treadmill if you don't like headphones or headphone cables getting caught up in your running then a built in speaker like this is ideal.

The colour LCD display features your speed, calories burned, heart rate, distance travelled, time taken and time remaining, there's also a big red emergency stop button which you can press to immediately stop the treadmill should you need to in a hurry.
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