Cheap Spinning Bike.

Buy the Cintura Sports Racing Bike gym quality spinning bike and get a gym quality spinning bike at the cheapest of prices.

This Cintura Sports spinning bike is a high quality exercise bike and thanks to the large flywheel just like the spinning bikes your find at the gym, you get smooth cycling that feels like your actually road cycling.

Cintura Sports Racing Bike, Cheap Spinning Bike

Gym Quality Spinning Bike.

On the handlebars your find a pulse sensor which measures your pulse as you hold the handlebars and displays your pulse rate and heart rate on the digital display located just in front of the handlebars.

A sturdy spinning bike that's really solid offering a safe spinning bike exercise with a bike frame made from steel with integrate chain transmission for smooth cycling, also include is a variable resistance knob and a manual brake for complete safety.

The 5 function spinning cycle computer measures and displays time, distance, speed and calorie counter so you can see how many calories you have burned whilst your exercising so its a great motivator to see the calories consumed as you exercise.

The bike pedals are ergonomically designed and fit your feet extremely well so you won't slip off the spinning bike no matter how hard your cycling, at the front of the spinning bike are two wheels that touch the floor when you lift the front of the spinning bike up making it very easy to move the bike around the house.

The Cintura Sports Racing Bike seat is fully adjustable and can be moved upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards so big or small your find a comfortable position to cycle in.

There's even a water bottle included which is mounted directly in front of you within easy reach, with a maximum user weight of 19 stone or 120kg even the heaviest of users ca use this spinning bike.
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