Cintura Sports iVibrate Vibration.

Buy the Cintura Sports iVibrate Vibration, Vibrating Plate for Under 100 Pounds.

It's an incredible bargain a Vibrating Plate at less than 100 pounds and free delivery too, the Cintura Sports iVibrate Vibration plate has been heavily reduced in price making this a great deal.

Cintura Sports iVibrate Vibration, Vibrating Plate

Vibrating Plate.

This is a large vibration plate with a sturdy weight of 198kg and a powerful 200 watt motor, choose from many different speed settings and different vibration plate exercise programmes.

Great for standing, sitting and lying exercises and easy to store too as you can slide the vibrating plate under the bed when you have finished exercising not something you can do with some of the other powerful vibration plates for sale.

Whilst there's a full range of controls on the vibration plate Cintura Sports realise that most of the time when you're using the vibrating plate you're not going to be in a position where you can easily operate console controls that's why Cintura Sports have included a remote control that has a full range of vibrating plate functions on it so you can easily control your vibration plate exercises, speeds and level of vibration from whatever position you find yourself in.

You get 50 different vibration speeds, 20 different power intensity levels and with a maximum user weight of 16 stone the whole family can use this vibrating plate, use the plate to lose weight, gain muscle, improve posture and in the place of a workout, there's evidence to suggest that using a vibrating plate to exercise on is 3 times more effective than plain exercise alone.

As well as free delivery and a under 100 pound price you also get a one year warranty so if anything goes wrong within the first year you will get a repair or replacement vibrating plate which offers you complete peace of mind and an amazing deal.
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