Solid Metal Construction.

Get free delivery when you buy the Cintura XL Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, its a cheap elliptical cross trainer that's sturdy in construction made from metal which is long lasting and hardwearing.

The Cintura XL Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer has a computer display between the handlebars that calculates body fat and body mass as you exercise, use the computer to display your Body Mass Indicator (BMI), as you use the cross trainer each week your start to notice your body fat reduce and there's no better motivation then watching your weight and body fat reduce.

Cintura XL Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer, Solid Metal Construction

Cheap Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Much cheaper than other elliptical cross trainers its hard wearing too and will support users of all weights and sizes, big or small, fat or thin your enjoy this sturdy metal construction and feel safe feeling well supported.

The elliptical cross trainer has 21 exercise programmes so you can choose cardio vascular or strength training exercises and you can also make your own custom exercise programmes, many cross trainers only have one set or pulse sensors to measure your heart rate and display your heart rate on the computers display, the heart rate sensors are normally located on the fixed handlebars, meaning if you like to hold the moving handlebars on other cross trainers you can't measure your heart rate if your using the moving handlebars.

With the Cintura XL Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer you have heart rate sensors on both the fixed and moving handlebars giving maximum flexibility on how you choose to use the cross trainer.

If you normally struggle to get the pulse sensors to work on your old elliptical trainer that's because the pulse sensors are too small, with these large pulse sensors you can move your hands about and still have your pulse displayed.

With a quality 6kg flywheel you have a very sturdy cross trainer that gives smooth operation without jerky movements.

With free delivepry and a low price this is a deal not to be missed.
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