Advanced Training Computer.

Buy a high spec exercise bike for under 200 pounds and get free delivery and an advanced training computer that's the great deal you get on the Cintura XL Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike.

A solid construction exercise bike that's for home use but is so strong its actually got a commercial use designation as well so you know that you're buying a good quality exercise bike, the advanced training computer has 21 exercise programmes which you can choose from with options like fat burn, muscle tone, racing, stamina and strength building.

Cintura XL Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike, Advanced Training Computer

High Spec Exercise Bike.

The advanced training computer monitors your heart rate through the pulse sensors built into the handlebars and automatically adjusts the exercise program for your heart rate, making the going easier if your heart rate is high and harder if you're not being pushed to train just that little bit harder, so it's an excellent exercise bike to use as the bike actually pushes you to exercise better every time.

The advanced computer also calculates your BMI (Body Mass Indicator) and the calories you have burned and can produce a customised exercise programme to match your present fitness level and your goals.

With 15 levels of magnetic resistance the Cintura XL Programmable Magnetic Exercise Bike is suitable for all fitness levels as well as young and old, its silent in operation too so no irritating noises when you're trying to exercise.

Fitted with extra large pulse sensors so your hands don't slip off the pulse sensors when you're holding the handlebars, you get the full pro cycling action with non slip pedals and adjustable foot straps that hold your feet securely in place whilst you cycle.

The seat is comfortable and extremely movable, move the seat up and down, forwards and backwards and a separate tilt mechanism so however you like to sit your sure to find a comfortable position.
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