Best Selling Elliptical Trainers.

Buy the best selling Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer which costs under 100 pounds and comes with free delivery.

This cross trainer will last for years as its very hardwearing and has been purchased by many people who have all found this to be a cheap priced elliptical cross trainer which is also very sturdy with a full range of features.

Cintura650 Best Selling Elliptical Cross Trainer

Under 100 Pounds.

Most elliptical cross trainers have only a few resistance levels to choose from maybe six different resistance levels, often times you want to increase the effort level very gradually without big step change increases, its best to slowly increase the resistance level as your fitness improves and with the Cintura650 which uses an infinite resistance system so you can set any resistance level you like and build up your fitness levels at your own pace.

The Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer is made from high gauge steel so it's very tough and provides excellent support for the lightest to the heaviest of users with a maximum user weight of 18 stone its one of very few cheap cross trainers under 100 pounds that can be used by the larger person.

Between the cross trainer handlebars is a training computer that measures and displays your time, speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned and speed, on the handlebars are pulse sensors, hold your hands over the pulse sensors as you hold the handlebars and your pulse rate will be displayed as well as your heart rate, this is a great way to see how hard your working and to see your fitness improve over time.

Large non slip footplates mean you're never fall off or feel unbalanced, the foot plates have a grip surface too so you won't slip or lose your footing, there's two sets of handlebars, fixed for those that like to hold their hands and arms still while they cross train and moving for those that like the extra cardio vascular benefit of moving their hands and arms as they exercise.
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