Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent Package.

Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent Package the Easy Assembly Tent that Includes Carpets.

The Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent Package is an easy to assemble tent (easy to pitch) that includes pre-attached guy lines (ropes) so all you need to is unfold the tent onto the grass and attach the guy lines and your tent is up.
Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent Package, Easy Assembly Tent.

Easy Assembly Tent, Includes Carpets.

Whatever the weather from strong winds or torrential rain having a tent that pitches instantly means you can be in the tent getting warm and dry as quick as possible and with an included carpet your feel like your at home in comfort and not in a field, with instant assembly and carpets the Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent Package brings glamping (glamour camping or luxury camping) to everyone.

The ventilation system on this tent lets you control the temperature inside the tent making it hotter or colder depending on the weather, the tent is lightweight and strong and fully weatherproof.

This is a four man tent that sleeps four people, the tent material is fire retardant and will not burn which is well worth noting if you plan to have a camp fire and the tent has vulcanised seams which have been heat treated against leaking and splitting.

The groundsheet is built into the tent so all you need do is put the guy lines on pegs and put the carpet in the tent and your done.

There's a built in front canopy and large windows on the side and the end of the tent plus electric cable access through a separate cable zip up area which allows you to pass an electric cable into the tent and yet still have the tent tightly sealed against wind and rain, this is a separate cable entry point so you can keep the main doors zipped tightly shut.

The Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent Package is waterproof with a hydrostatic head of 3000mm the British military standard to be classed as waterproof is 800mm which means this tent is nearly four times greater the specification used by the British military to be considered waterproof so you really will be warm and dry inside.
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