Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent.

Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent the Self Pitching Tent just Attach Guylines and Your Done.

For a tent thats easy to assembly (pitch) take a look at the Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent as all you need do is put tent on the ground and attach the guylines (ropes) to the ground and your done, the quick and easy to assemble tent that's fully waterproof a\nd ideal for use in bad weather where you want to assemble the tent in a hurry.
Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent, Self Pitching Tent.

Self Pitching Tent, Attach Guylines and Your Done.

The tent features two mesh doors which keep the tent ventilated and free from bad smells or condensation and the large side windows let light into the tent so you're not in darkness with the tent temperature being easily controlled by the ventilation system making the tent cooler or warmer as required.

The tent is manufactured from breathable polyester is lightweight, waterproof and hard wearing.

The Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent sleeps up to 4 people in two separate bedrooms and is made from fire retardant material which if your a smoker or plan to have a campo fire is especially important the tent is weatherproof with seals that have been vulcanised by heat to prevent leaking seals or splits.

The tents groundsheet is already built into the tent so you don't have to do anything on assembly and there's an electric cable access point so you can pass an electric cable and plug through the tent without having to leave the tent open to cold air and moisture.

The tent poles are made from fibreglass and steel and are all included with the tent and the Gelert Evora 4 Man Tent is fully waterproof to 3000mm of hydrostatic head which is a level of waterproofness the British military use 800mm hydrostatic head waterproofing so this tent is nearly 4 times better than the military standard.
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