Gelert Morpheus 6 Man Tent.

Gelert Morpheus 6 Man Tent Sleeps Up To 6 People with 3 Separate Bedrooms.

With 3 bedrooms one of which can be removed if you want more space there's also large windows on each side so you get light from natural daylight and all the windows have curtains so your privacy is still maintained.
Gelert Morpheus 6 Man Tent, Sleeps Up To 6 People.

Sleeps Up To 6 People, 3 Separate Bedrooms.

Made from fire retardant material the Gelert Morpheus 6 Man Tent is weather proof and has vulcanised seams which are heat treated to prevent leaking or splitting a quick tent to pitch with a groundsheet built in and a built in front canopy with large sized front and side windows.

There's even a zip fastening for passing an electric cable into the tent so you can fasten the zip around the electric cable and you won't get cold or wet but will still have the benefit of electricity in your tent and with 2 side and 1 front entrance everyone can get in and lout of the tent without having to walk through each others bedrooms.

The Gelert Morpheus 6 Man Tent has a large living area and large head height 6.8 feet a nearly 7 feet height tent which gives lots of room for everyone to stand fully upright, brow poles make sure the tent is fully wind resistant, safe and secure and mesh doors give good ventilation so there are no smells or condensation on the walls.

The tent has an outer layer of polyester and weatherproof PU coating with an inner layer of breathable polyester and an integrated groundsheet of breathable polyester.

The tent features double zip fastening on all doors and is quick to erect and has a tan coloured body with military green coloured sides.

The tent is delivered free of charge and weighs 6.6 stone or 42kg making it ideal in all weathers, the perfect family or friends tent.
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