Gelert Ottawa 4 Man Tent.

Gelert Ottawa 4 Man Tent the All Weather Family Tent with Living Area, Bedrooms and Windows.

The Gelert Ottawa 4 Man Tent is fully waterproof and is the perfect family tent and comes with a separate living area and bedrooms as well as windows so the tent is light and airy with large mesh doors and a rear ventilation vent that allows you to control the temperature inside the tent.
Gelert Ottawa 4 Man Tent, All Weather Family Tent.

All Weather Family Tent, Living Area, Bedrooms, Windows.

Apex poles are used which increase the size of the tent making maximum use of available space for living and not for the tent poles and the guylines are preattached to the poles so all you need do is attach them to the ground and your tent is pitched.

Made from breathable polyester the tent is lightweight, strong and weatherproof exceeding British military standards.

The Gelert Ottawa 4 Man Tent sleeps four people and is made from a fire retardant material which is especially important if you're a smoker or plan to have a camp fire the tent has heat treated vulcanised seals which won't split or leak like other tents and the large front windows let lots of natural; daylight in so your not living in the dark especially important for children playing in the tent.

There's separate front and back entrances so you don't have to trample all over each other to get in and out and the children and parents can have a separate entrance and exit and there's a power cable entry point where you can pass a power cable with plug through the tent without having to use the doors so your tent will always be closed, warm and dry.

With 3000mm of hydrostatic head the Gelert Ottawa 4 Man Tent is nearly 4 times as waterproof as the British military's 800mm standard (hydrostatic head is a measure of how waterproof a material should be).
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