Goodesmith Eazy Blaze Gas Barbecue.

Goodesmith Eazy Blaze Gas Barbecue with Twin Burners and Large Grill Area, Uses Calor Patio Gas or Flo Gas Leisure Cylinder.

This gas barbecue makes barbecuing at home easy as you don't need to waste time trying to get the barbeque alight using charcoal and then all that fuss waiting for the charcoal to get hot enough so you can cook on it that's if the wind hasn't blown the charcoal flames out by then.
Goodesmith Eazy Blaze Gas Barbecue, Twin Burners, Large Grill Area.

Twin Burners, Large Grill Area, Uses Calor Patio Gas or Flo Gas Leisure Cylinder.

Gas barbecues are easy to use as you simply turn the gas on, press the automatic gas light button and start grilling its so easy and in fact if you don't like cooking meat in your kitchen because of the grease and smell in your home then do what many Americans do and only cook meat out on their outdoor barbecue where smoke and smells are not a problem.

The barbecue features a roasting hood which you can close when cooking as there's a window in the hood which lets you see exactly what's going on, there's a stainless steel cooking grill which being stainless steel is easier to clean as dried on debris does not stick to the grill.

There's two side tables attached to the grill, one on either side and these are made from oak wood looking very beautiful as well as a great place to put the meat, keep raw meat and cooked meat separate by putting the raw meat on the left hand side table and cooked meat on the right hand side table.

There's two dials to control the amount of heat you want from the twin burners and wheels on the bottom of the barbeque so you can easily wheel it around.

The barbecue is black in colour and looks every bit the modern American barbecue.

Comes with a one year warranty and free delivery.
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