3 Seperate Seats.

Buy the IronMan 3 Station Multigym and get a bestselling 3 station multigym with 3 separate seats so you can use all the equipment without having to make any adjustments.

The IronMan Multigym comes with 68kg or 150lbs of weights for the weight stack, and with 68kg of weights your never need another multigym as beginner or expert your have all the weights you need.

IronMan 3 Station Multigym, 3 Seperate Seat

Best Selling 3 Station Multigym.

Made from strong steel box section this is a strong and sturdy multigym that feels substantial and will not wobble or cause you concern like some brands, suitable for any size and any weight user, this multigym is ideal for the whole family.

The braided steel pulley system is strong and long lasting with the steel cable coated in a protective plastic enclosure for added safety.

The 3 station multigym gives you a huge number of machines all built into the one multigym so it takes up less space than buying separate gym machines and is certainly much cheaper, the multigym includes an ab station, lat pull down bar with a built in rest, a multifunction chest exercise machine and leg extension bar with an included ankle strap for a greater number of leg extension exercises.

For rowing exercises there's a chain handlebar for rowing and bicep exercises, the multigym is a truly versatile piece of gym equipment, it's the only piece of gym equipment that your need and you have a fully featured gym.

Use the pull down bar for front lat pulldowns and rear lat pulldowns as well as assisted crunches and triceps extensions, the chest section of the multigym incorporates a butterfly press and a straight chest press as well as a shoulder press.

Use the leg station with lower chain pulley for a huge range of leg, arm and rowing machine exercises, there's also a dedicated leg press, no other multigyms offer a dedicated leg press machine and that's what makes the IronMan 3 Station Multigym a best seller.
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