Includes Leg Press Machine.

Buy the IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym which includes a leg press machine which you normally don't find on a multigym, you're also get free delivery.

There's 3 separate seats on this advanced multigym so all the exercise equipment is available all the time without any adjustment needed to the multigym, no pulleys to change or bolts to tighten just get on and exercise immediately.

IronMan Advanced 3 Station Multigym, Including Leg Press Machine

Free Delivery.

You also get 68kg or 150lbs of weights for the weight stack, so its a fully loaded multigym unlike some manufacturers who supply the multigym without any weights or not enough weights to train properly.

Made from strong steel box section this multigum won't wobble or flex like some cheap multigyms.

There's a pulldown bar for doing front lat pulldowns and rear lat pulldowns as well as assisted crunches and triceps extensions, the chest section includes a butterfly chest press, straight chest press and shoulder press, theres a leg station and lower chain pulley for performing many different leg, arm and rowing machine exercises all from the one multigym.

What stands this advanced multigym apart is the inclusion of a dedicated leg press as well as a leg raise bar and leg dip bar giving you a lot of exercises machines all for the one low price.

Use the leg station for leg extensions and leg curls as well as sidekicks and includes an ankle strap so you can do a greater range of leg exercises and with the lower chain pulley you can do rowing exercises like upright rowing, seated rowing, bent leg rowing, preacher curls, biceps curls, wrist curls forearm curls, shoulder shrugs and rear leg raises.

There's an arm rest too for doing bicep curls in comfort.

When moving from chest press butterfly press there's a simple easy lock system, no messing around with springs and pulleys like some other multigym brands.
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