Cheap Home Gym.

Looking for a cheap home gym then try the IronMan Advanced Multigym and get free delivery.

When you buy this multigym you get 68kg (50lbs) of weights for the home gyms weight stack, made from tough steel box section so your have a sturdy multigym that's made to last.

IronMan Advanced Multigym, Cheap Home Gym

Free Delivery.

The IronMan Advanced Multigym uses a toughened cable system with all the cables in a plastic sheath for safety and comfort, its an advanced single station home gym which includes an ab station and a padded armrest for bicep curls and a leg extension station, there's a lat pulldown bar with rest and a multi-function chest exercise station, there's a leg extension bar which includes a an ankle strap for use with leg extensions also included is a chain handlebar for rowing and bicep exercises.

This is a compact home gym that can perform a very large range of exercises all on the one home gym without any adjustments so you can move around all the exercise stations without having to stop and delay your exercise to adjust anything.

To buy all these exercise machines separately would cost thousands of pounds, yet this multigym is very cheap and excellent value for money, the steel box section insures that the home gym is very sturdy and long lasting and comes with a one year guarantee so your home gym will be fixed or replaced should you have any problems at all.

This is a very smart looking home gym with black weights, black seat and safety foam and silver coloured metal work, its a home gym that really will look good in your home.

As well as being a cheap home gym that won't cost you a fortune to buy, you also get free delivery so you don't have to worry about the weight of the home gym and the large weight stack, with free delivery you won't be paying for the home gym to be delivered.

There's a 12 month warranty so if your have any issues over the first year your multigym will be repaired or fixed under warranty.
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