IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench.

Buy the IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench, its a Sit Up Bench that includes Two 1.5kg Dumbbells With Storage Rack.

For sale at a massive discount of much less than one hundred pounds with two free dumbbells and free delivery too.

IronMan Foldable Curved Sit Up Bench, Sit Up Bench

Sit Up Bench.

Buy this sit up bench and get a free storage rack that's built into the underside of the bench, so you won't have to keep your dumbbells separate from your bench, this is a great sit up bench to work out on at home, made from 1.5 mm thick steel this sit up bench is very tough and will last for many years.

The sit up bench is ergonomically curved to best fit your body shape and has both a leg bar and a foot bar, these dual bars provide for increased safety and comfort.

When not in use this sit up bench folds away for easy storage in a cupboard or under a bed or behind a door, once folded the sit up bench is completely flat and can be easily carried or transported in the boot of a car or on the back seat of a car.

The ergonomically designed curved sit up bench is designed to follow your back and provides for a more intense workout, the built in dumbbell weight holders will keep the supplied dumbbells safe and out of the way when your storing your sit up bench or it's just not in use.

The foot and leg supports are thickly padded and very comfortable, they are designed to help reduce injury, both the leg and foot bars are fully adjustable with an easy turn hand wheel to change the heights, supplied with a one year warranty against defects and workmanship.

If you have been looking for a cheap sit up bench that as well as being inexpensive is also very high quality then know that IronMan have been making high quality affordably priced home gym equipment for many years.
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