Home Workout.

Buy the best selling IronMan Multigym for a great home workout and get free delivery.

Supplied with 68kg or 150Ibs of weights and 15Ibs of bars. made from high quality superior strength steel box section, there's a pull down bar for front lateral pulldowns and rear lateral pulldowns as well as assisted crunches and triceps extensions.

IronMan Multigym, Home Workout

Best Selling Multigym.

There's a chest section which incorporates a press, straight chest press and shoulder press, the leg section incorporates a machine for leg curls and leg extensions and a free ankle strap is included.

There's a chain pulley at floor level which can be used as a rowing machine and for shrugs and curls, the advanced pulley system uses braided steel cable coated with plastic for extra protection and increased safety, the pulley system means you never have to adjust the multigym to use all the exercise machines incorporated in the gym, all exercises are available all the time without having to change any settings.

A huge stack of weights is included with the homegym, you get 150Ibs of weights (68kg).

The IronMan Multigym has enables you to perform a large range of exercises including lateral pulldowns, front pulldowns, rear pulldowns, triceps extensions and assisted crunches whilst the chest section enables you to use a chest press, shoulder press, front butterfly exercise and rear butterfly exercises.

The leg station lets you perform leg extensions, leg curls and side kicks and you can use the included ankle strap for the side kicks, the lower chain pulley station lets you perform rowing exercises upright preacher curls, seated preacher curls, bent preacher curls as well as bicep curls, wrist curls, forearm curls, shoulder shrugs and rear leg raises.

There's a 12 month warranty so if your have any issues over the first year your multigym will be repaired or fixed under warranty.
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