Lanod Deluxe 6 To 9 Man Group Tent.

Lanod Deluxe 6 To 9 Man Group Tent, Sleeps Six To Nine People with 3 Separate Rooms, Living and Storage Areas.

The Lanod Deluxe 6 To 9 Man Group Tent is configurable and has 3 separate bedrooms that can change size allowing you to have more or less living area and storage space so the tent transforms to fit how many people are camping with you from six people to nine people.
Lanod Deluxe 6 To 9 Man Group Tent, Sleeps Six To Nine People.

Sleeps Six To Nine People, 3 Separate Rooms, Living and Storage Areas.

Because the rooms can be changed around you always have the biggest space available to you your not squashed into a small bedroom when there's extra space in empty bedrooms just make the bedrooms bigger.

The inner polyester liner is breathable to make sure the tent is ventilated properly as with a maximum of nine people in the tent you need to get rid of stale air and bad smells as for example if someone has a cold the breathable liner will ensure that the stale air is expelled from the tent rather than recalculating and giving everyone else in the tent colds.

The polyester outer layer is what gives the tent its waterproof qualities and it's indeed very waterproof with a hydrostatic head of 2000m whilst the British Army recommend a hydrostatic head of 800m to be waterproof so your getting a tent which is nearly four times better than the military specification.

The seams of the tent are taped to prevent splitting with age and to prevent the ingress of water even in the strongest of gales and with pre-tensile fibreglass poles for strength whilst still being lightweight the whole tent only weights 25kg or 3.9 stone so is easily carried and assembly time is only 40 minutes.

The tent is light grey in colour with dark blue doors and mesh windows to let the light in and a large porch area for storage or communal living as well as internal communal living and storage areas.

There's a full one year warranty and free delivery.
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