Lifestyle 6 Man Family Tent.

Lifestyle 6 Man Family Tent for Family Weekend Camping Trips with 2 Separate Rooms.

The Lifestyle 6 Man Family Tent is perfect for weekend camping trips with the family there's two separate rooms inside the tent so parents and children can have their own rooms with enough room for six people to sleep in the tent with comfort.
Lifestyle 6 Man Family Tent, Family Weekend Camping Trips.

Family Weekend Camping Trips, 2 Separate Rooms.

The tent is quick drying in case our British weather takes a turn for the worse and waterproof vents and breathable tent liners ensure the tent doesn't get stuffy or start to smell the tent includes all the poles you need and these are made of high tensile steel to resist the strongest of winds.

There's a large living are inside the tent as well as the two bedrooms and the tent topsheet is made from a fire retardant material which if you're a smoker or plan on having a camp fire is an important consideration and your protected from the heaviest of rains as the Lifestyle 6 Man Family Tent is certified waterproof up to 2000m hydrostatic head which is a measure of how waterproof a material is for reference the British military specification to be classed as waterproof is 800m hydrostatic head so the Lifestyle 6 Man Family Tent is nearly four times above the British military specification.

The tent is a light grey in colour with dark blue roof and lower sides and looks modern and easy to care for.

The main poles are high tensile steel whilst the lighter poles are made from fibreglass to save weight.

All the seams on the Lifestyle 6 Man Family Tent have been taped to provide protection from the ingress of water and the tent poles are lightweight so the packed up tent is easy to carry, delivery is free and there's a one year guarantee.
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