MarcO Grill 1000 Gas BBQ.

MarcO Grill 1000 Gas BBQ the HeavenChef Portable Gas Barbecue by Marco Pierre White.

If you want to cook like Marco Pierre White then buy the BBQ with his name on it and your be head chef in your very own garden these barbecues are gas powered, portable and come in a range of colours including Blue, Green, Orange and Red.
MarcO Grill 1000 Gas BBQ, HeavenChef Portable Gas Barbecue.

HeavenChef Portable Gas Barbecue, Marco Pierre White.

You can use your portable gas grill for camping holidays and fishing holidays or take it with you to a festival or simply for a day at the beach or park.

Apparently Marco Pierre White takes his grill with him when he goes fishing so he can cook what he catches straight away.

Inside the hood your find an enamelled steel grill which cleans easily as being enamel dried on food doesn't stick to the enamel and there's a removable grease tray making the grill very easy to look after.

This barbecue has retractable legs that actually push up inside the barbecue when folded so the BBQ takes up as little room as possible and that's why its become a firm favourite for camping trips and use by festival goers.

The gas lights automatically when you press the piezzo ignition button and it takes less than 30 seconds to set this grill up and start cooking that's got to be a world record and being lightweight this barbecue is portable and easy to store when you get back home as it won't take up much space and is ideal to be kept for emergencies like power cuts as you can cook on it in the garden.

The grills have heat resistant cases and are easy to clean as the enamelled grill inside comes out as does the drip tray.

This portable BBQ comes with a three year warranty and free delivery.
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