MarcO Grill 3000 Gas BBQ.

MarcO Grill 3000 Gas BBQ the Portable Gas Barbecue from HeavenChef and Marco Pierre White.

This is a portable gas powered barbecue in a range of colours including blue, green, orange and red its lightweight and has legs that fold off too the side for easy storage, the grill area is large and you can get a lot of cooking done its perfect for barbecues at home or for camping trips and festivals.
MarcO Grill 3000 Gas BBQ, Portable Gas Barbecue.

Portable Gas Barbecue, HeavenChef and Marco Pierre White.

Included with the barbecue is a regulator and the hosepipe that connects to the gas bottle this barbecue takes standard and very commonly available Calor Patio gas or Flo Gas leisure cylinders.

There's an ignition button on the front of the barbecue that will light the gas so you can put away your matches and with an enamelled cast iron cooking grill your find its easy to clean as burned on food won't stick to the enamel.

The beautiful painted steel body is heat resistant so you won't burn yourself as you touch the body of the grill unlike so many other grills which is a major problem but thankfully not one your experience with this model from Marco Pierre White and HeavenChef.

There's a removable grease pan that's easy to clean and catches all the grease so it doesn't fall all over the grill and with a setup time of less that 30 seconds it's the fastest barbecue ever.

Whether you just want to barbecue at home in the back garden or want to cook your meat outside on a barbecue rather than getting your kitchen all smelly or greasy then this is the barbecue for you.

With modern styling and a cold outer body when in use this is a safe and modern alternative to all that messing around with firelighters and charcoal.

There's a three year warranty with the barbecue and free delivery.
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