Marco Pierre White 2 Burner Edge BBQ.

Marco Pierre White 2 Burner Edge BBQ with Porcelain Coated Grill For Easy Cleaning, Gas Powered Barbeque.

Marco Pierre White and HeavenChef have made an easy to clean barbeque as the grill is porcelain coated and with a ceramic grill food remnants, even grilled on food remnants won't stick to the grill so its easy to clean and won't take a minute.
Marco Pierre White 2 Burner Edge BBQ, Porcelain Coated Grill For Easy Cleaning.

Porcelain Coated Grill For Easy Cleaning, Gas Powered Barbeque.

There's two gas burners inside the barbeque and the heat of these two burners is easily controlled from the two burner dials at the front of the grill, to the side of the grill are two side shelves that look very good with their beautiful dark wood looks against the stainless steel of the grill housing.

There's a large roasting hood that's hinged and fits over the grilling area this is powder coated for smart good looks and also it's easy to clean.

Unlike some garden barbeques that only have wheels on one end so you actually have to tip up the barbecue if you want to move it this Marco Pierre White barbeque has wheels on all four legs so its easy to move around the garden and if you have all your utensils on the sides and plates and meat on the barbecue they won't all tip off when you wheel the barbecue round your garden.

Below the main barbeque grill is a warming area here you can keep meats you have just cooked warm whilst people are helping themselves.

You don't even need a match to light this gas barbeque as a push button ignition is included on the front of the grill.

Americans love to barbeque or grill as they call it, they even grill all the year round in the garden which is a great idea because if you like to cook meats and don't want your kitchen greasy and smelly then cooking a streak on the barbeque grill is a great idea.

There's a full 12 month warranty when you buy this barbeque and you get free delivery too.
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