Orchid Eos Black Massage Table.

Orchid Eos Black Massage Table with Hard Wearing Stain Resistant PU Leather and Height Adjustable.

This black coloured massage table has a polyurethane synthetic leather (PU leather) look which makes it easy to clean as massage oils and spills wipe clean off yet the cover looks exactly like real leather, the table is height adjustable so you won't have to get aching hands or arms from massaging your clients at the wrong height and with a lightweight beech wood frame that also folds your be surprised to find that this massage table actually folds in on itself and becomes its own carry case so its really easy to carry around from place to place.
Orchid Eos Black Massage Table, Hard Wearing Stain Resistant PU Leather.

Hard Wearing Stain Resistant PU Leather, Height Adjustable.

If you want to practice massage at home then don't get your bed all covered in massage oils buy a proper massage table they are cheaper than you think and because they fold away into their own carry cases you can store them under your bed, behind the sofa or other out of the way place ready for when you have friends round and want to hold a massage party.

If you're suffering from aches and pains and regularly need your partner to give you a massage to relive your aches and pains then get a professional massage table that unfolds in seconds and is ready for use then you can have a massage at the correct height for your partner to give you a massage so your get a better massage and your partners hands won't be aching and sore.

For massage students attending college this is a great portable massage table as it folds away into its own travel case so you can put it on the passenger seat in your car or take it on the bus with you and if you do start offering massages as a business your have a professional looking table that your massage clients will be happy to use.
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