Orchid Geras Black Massage Table.

Orchid Geras Black Massage Table for Luxury Home Use with Rounded Corners, Home Massage Table.

This is a luxury home massage table with beautiful rounded corners and a elongate beech wood frame, it's a full size massage table that also folds away when not in use its ideal for home massage and makes a very elegant spare bed if you have a guest coming to stay.
Orchid Geras Black Massage Table, Luxury Home Use.

Luxury Home Use, Rounded Corners Home Massage Table.

The massage table has a black PU leather surface which looks and feels like real leather underneath which is memory foam for good support and yet great comfort there's a full range of accessories with the table all of which are removable and can be stored in a storage area underneath the table when not in use, when you fold the table the accessories will fold into the recess between the table and store inside the table until you unfold and use the table again so you won't lose any of the accessories when the table is folded away.

You get a PU leather and memory foam lined face cradle which is detachable and can be angled for ultimate comfort and also can be used as both a face cradle and a head rest depending on which way round your facing.

There's also large chunky armrests which just pull out if you don't want them on the table and the backrest of the table can be set at an angle making the table useful for more than just massage like beauty treatments or acupuncture settings and Reiki.

There's a suspended arm and hand rest underneath the face cradle where you can put your arms to keep them out of the way when lying on your front.

This luxury massage table is great for home use as both a massage table and an awesome folding bed.
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