Orchid Iris Superlight Blue Massage Table.

Orchid Iris Superlight Blue Massage Table with Modern Folding Aluminium Frame the Bright Blue Massage Table.

This is the very latest, very modern massage table from Orchid its bright blue in colour and has a lightweight frame, the massage table is full size yet folds in half and stores away in its own portable carrying case which is actually the body of the massage table, there's a carry bag too with large handles and shoulder straps so you can keep your massage table scratch and grime free when travelling with the table.
Orchid Iris Superlight Blue Massage Table, Modern Folding Aluminium Frame.

Modern Folding Aluminium Frame, Bright Blue Massage Table.

The table has a shiny, bright aluminium frame and legs which are adjustable so you can set the massage table at any height you like so when your massaging your always at a good height where your hands and arms are not getting sore due to overreaching.

The massage table is bright blue in colour with the accessories being bright blue too, accessories include a face cradle and 'hand and arm rest' which is mounted below the face cradle (suspended), as well as detachable side rests, the table and all the accessories as well as being blue in colour use memory foam under the covering to make the table supportive and comfortable.

The face cradle doubles as a head rest depending on which way round you're lying and the face cradle can be adjusted by up to a 45 degree angle.

As well as a face cradle which is removable and like all the accessories can be stored inside the folded massage table so when you pack the table away you won't leave anything behind as all the accessorises will be safely inside.

There's a face bung too as well as the face cradle because not everyone likes a face cradle some prefer to stick their head through the hole in the table which appears when you take the removable face bung out.
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